Welcome to Turning Point. We are here for you.

We welcome you to our new website and hope you will find helpful information here and that you will share this resource with others who may need Turning Point’s assistance through our helpline, programs and services.

With this site, we’re launching our new blog, “Allies for Hope.”  Here, each month, we’ll offer information and statistics, but we’ll also report on stories of success, thanks to Turning Point programs and community support. We truly are allies for those women, men, and children who are victims and survivors of this crime.

  • Thanks to a very generous partner, Thirteen Butterflies Production Company, a new Turning Point video makes its debut here on our new site. Thank you to Gloria Domina and Lisa Koza for their production of this amazing music video and a very special thanks to singer-songwriter, Taylor Ash, who wrote and performs the song.  Yes, we are “Never Alone.”
  • October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  We live in a time when domestic violence agencies throughout the country strive to increase awareness about this problem that impacts every community. A variety of activities took place locally and nationally to recognize this growing issue and how we can all become advocates.
  • Statistics now show that one in three women and one in three teens will experience physical, emotional or sexual abuse in an intimate partner relationship. Sad, but real facts. It can be overwhelming to learn this as we strive to do all we can to try and stop the violence.

More than 100 people joined us Oct. 15th for Turning Point’s annual Vigil of Peace, Hope & Renewal.  It was an evening to remember the victims and celebrate the survivors of domestic violence during a very moving evening of displays, survivor speakers and musical performances. The event took place at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in Allentown, and also featured Adrian Shanker, executive director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center, as our keynote speaker.

While the month of awareness has passed, we hope you may raise your voice in our community and become an advocate. Together, we can show our commitment, and reach out with resources to assist those in our society — women, men and children —  who are victims of this crime.