Each year we welcome students to intern with us in our Safe House, Legal Advocacy, and Outreach programs. Internships that help in administrative, advancement and finance may also be considered.

Internship Canidates:

To help make this experience as valuable to the students as well as the agency, we have a few special requirements for you to consider before applying for an internship with Turning Point:

  • To ensure a quality experience we can only accept one intern per semester to work in a team, with no more than 3 total interns in the agency per semester. Selections may be based on a “first-come, first-serve” basis or by conducting interviews, depending on the level of demand.
  • You will need to successfully attend an informational session.
  • All internship candidates are required to successfully complete a 45-hour domestic violence training program offered by Turning Point of Lehigh Valley. This training will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to address domestic violence issues within our community. If the internship duration is less than one month, the 45-hour training must be successfully completed prior to starting your internship hours.
  • Internship candidates are expected to participate in an additional 10 hours of domestic violence-related training annually. This ongoing training is essential to stay updated on evolving issues, strategies, and best practices in the field of domestic violence prevention and intervention.

Please note that Turning Point offers trauma-informed empowerment counseling services. We believe in the value of this peer-support model and do not provide therapy or other medical interventions. We do not offer Master’s Level advisors to supervise MSW interns but can work with advisors if there is an option for the university to help students meet this requirement through their own faculty.

Ready to take the next steps towards your internship?

Complete and submit your Internship Request Form with required documents. Internship Request Form is accessable through the link below.

Return your completed application, resume, and any other documents to:

Via Email:

Human Resources
Phone: 610-797-0530, ext. 236

Mail or drop off in person at:

Turning Point of Lehigh Valley
Attn: Human Resources
444 E. Susquehanna Street
Allentown, PA 18103